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A cheaper deal

The energy and internet connection markets are competitive. It's worth comparing deals and plans from time to time. You could potentially save hundreds on your electricity, gas and internet bills.

Save time

Shopping around for deals takes time. And, getting stuck waiting on hold to speak to a representative sucks. You can compare the best plans and the best deals in just a few clicks.

Solar energy

Looking for renewable energy? No worries. Compare plans and explore options for solar panels and rebates.

Connect utilities and internet

We ensure your power is on, the internet is hooked up and that you’re ‘cooking with gas’ when you get the keys and walk through the front door.

Leave the heavy lifting to us

We make moving house easy. We find and coordinate a removalist to help you pack up and move to your new place.

There’s no cost to you

Our service is free to use with no hidden catches.

How to switch broadband providers and save


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Let us know your address and what your internet needs are.


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Moving loop makes the process of moving house seamless while helping you compare your electricity and gas bills!

Frequently asked questions

To start with, think about what you are using your internet for - are you casually browsing social media, maybe watching a little Netflix, or are you heavily streaming 4K videos, gaming or working from home and downloading large data files? Thinking about the general usage of your internet connection in conjunction with how many people are in your household will help you determine the speed you will require. Most often speed and data plans are reflective of the price so keep this in mind when you are looking at what you are willing to pay. Finally, the contract type. Do you want a month-to month or fixed term contract? The same plan on a different contract period will impact the price.

Generally speaking, NBN is the fastest type of internet to be connected. In some cases your internet will be connected in as little as a week. However, if you are in a new property it can take a couple of weeks or even months if new cables need to be installed. It is recommended you lock in your move as soon as possible so that any technical work or wait times can begin as soon as possible.

Have you ever waited hours for a file to download or your favourite YouTube video keeps buffering? Well, that is caused by slow internet speed or MBPS (megabits per second). This is how we measure the bandwidth of your connection. It's the rate in which information is uploaded and downloaded from the net. Everything we do online is impacted by your internet's bandwidth, from Instagram photos loading to an online game buffering. If you are more sensitive to load times when online consider a plan with a faster speed.

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